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  3. Queezo

    Alias Queezo Steam profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199024885041/ Steam ID 76561199024885041 Age 15 Location/Timezone Idaho, Mountain Standard How many hours a day do you play on our servers? 5 or more How many hours a week do you play on our servers? 30 or more What additional skills could you bring to the community? No matter what, I can become friends with anyone on the server, no matter how toxic. Im also available all day, everyday. What do you think makes a good staff member? A good staff member is always online, is an active member in the Iglobal community, and offers everything other admins offer and more. I think that they should be nice, but mean if they have to be. They should be mature when needed and know how to handle toxicity. All of which, I can do. Convince us on why you should be staff I genuinely think that I would make a good admin, i'm nice, i'm fun to talk to, and I play way to much cs everyday, and play both awp bhop, and combat surf. I am online constantly no matter what. I also own my own discord with about 50 people. Discord username Queezo#3398
  4. Your admin application has been Accepted on 2/20/20 @Head Admin or @Manager will contact you ASAP for your admin orientation. We can not wait to have you on our team
  5. Your application has been Accepted on 2/20/20 @Head Admin or @Manager will contact you for your admin orientation. We can't wait to have you on staff
  6. Your application is pending. A head staff will contact you in discord for an interview asap! @Manager @Head Admin
  7. Krallei

    It seems as if you are both in the wrong here. @NoahAielloyou were coping zedd which gets really annoying after a while. @Zeddclaims you did that after he had already asked you to stop being toxic. You should have been muted for being annoying and copying him after he asked you to stop. This is a bad rep for you since you are wanting to be a staff member yourself. Annoying another staff member does not help you out any. @ZeddYou are staff. All staff is expected to handle situations in a very mature manner no matter how bad a person pisses you off. You are held at a very high standard as a staff member. You should never be disrespecting a player in front of other players period that is bad rep on the staff team. Always handle things in a calm professional manner. You are staff and I expect you to act like one in a professional manner. I expect both of you to act in a more professional manner. You have both been a staff and @Zeddyou still are a staff. Act like it. Both of you. End of discussion.
  8. Doughboy

    Stop bickering. Just show the video evidence that you have so I can judge it instead of you two going back and forth in the forums.
  9. Zedd

    It wasn't a false mute since you actually did admin disrespect for mimicking and i told you to stop multiple times and you weren't just mimicking you were being toxic in general to most of the people on the server and i got mad because you did it multiple times and you say you did it ask a "joke" which as i said jokes get serious sometimes. There's always a limit to joking around to people you don't know. Also i said that because you called me a faggot in the end of it. Also you were talking way too much which i also warned you about. Also you started judging my admin skills which you shouldn't do since you have been admin less than i have and i have been admin multiple times and i prob know the rules more then you do.
  10. NoahAiello

    I was not toxic to you, all I was doing was saying what you were saying then u got mad and muted me for admin disrespect then you said "tell him to fuck himself." 1. It was a false mute 2. you then said in the server "tell him to fuck himself." which is why action should be taken.
  11. Zedd

    Yes i said that because you were being toxic even after i told u to stop multiple times and i told you im being serious Sometimes friendly situations get serious Also, You called me a faggot in chat after i muted you.
  12. NoahAiello

    That is not true, it was friendly banter that you thought was toxic so when u warned me I stopped. Then i was copying what u said and then u muted me for admin disrespect witch you then said "tell him to fuck himself" I have video proof. Also the admin that was there said it was a false mute. I dont think when u mute someone you should be saying "tell him to fuck himself." Witch is why action should be taken.
  13. RedHeadedGamerZ

    Not going to pick sides or anything like that but it was just friendly banter from both of them and then a mute
  14. Zedd

    This is false information. I warned you multiple times for disrespecting me and being toxic. I told you to stop multiple times and you didn't listen. There were many people on the server who would agree with me on this. Also, There's a limit to "Joking"
  15. NoahAiello

    Your name NoahAiello Name of offender Zedd Steam ID or Discord Username NoahAiello#1502 Location Skyworld Offense False mute Explain I was simply just playing the server having fun with all of the people in the server. as a joke I was copying what Zedd was saying and then he muted me for "admin disrespect", I was not warned for admin disrespect and I was an admin before and I know that copying what he was saying as a joke is not admin disrespect at all. I don't care at all about the mute I just think he should get a write up because he does not know the rules are obviously if he think me copying what he was saying is admin disrespect. There was another admin in the server also that I was in a discord call with that said it was a false mute so I personally think some kind of action should be taken.
  16. Your application is pending. A head staff will contact you in discord for an interview asap! @Doughboy@Brykxy@Peetee@WoLf
  17. Last week
  18. Alias Rev.-. Steam profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198981694274/ Steam ID STEAM_0:0:510714273 Age 14 Location/Timezone England , GMT How many hours a day do you play on our servers? 2-4 How many hours a week do you play on our servers? 20-30 What additional skills could you bring to the community? So i consist of generosity and mostly strive of off making a better community, the hard work and sports-mans ship and hard ship I can bring to this community is endless, I enjoy playing on IGlobal very much so. I would like to be admin to execute athority to those who don't do what's proper. What do you think makes a good staff member? Authority, Formality , Sense of Mercy along with no mercy depending on the situation. Knowing what's right for the community they're representing. Convince us on why you should be staff I only want to do well, I find it very fun and entertaining and it only strives me more to want to become and admin, if so I will defeat any task that comes my way and deal with it in the most possible manour. Discord username rev#6486
  19. Alias Originalz Steam profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/originalz1423/ Steam ID STEAM_1:1:51535518 Age 20 Location/Timezone UTC+1 How many hours a day do you play on our servers? 2-3 (min) How many hours a week do you play on our servers? 14-21(min) What additional skills could you bring to the community? Cause of the several years im playing video games and especially Counter Strike, i know which people are trustworthy, how to follow the rules, see a bit faster who is hacking and other stuff. What do you think makes a good staff member? An staff member should stay calm when something bad happends. He or she should be good in searching for different solutions to solve a problem the best way. Convince us on why you should be staff I managed some servers, were admin in cs and other games before. And i know a lot of people in the surf community, cause i play for a very long time now Discord username Originalz#1423
  20. There are not enough votes on this to spend the time to make the server. Get more people that want it and I will proudly make it. Thanks for the suggestion! Declined.
  21. As far as making the hitboxes bigger I'm not even sure how to go about that. I also feel that would make it too easy. The hit reg is already incredible and I feel like increasing the hitbox would just make it to easy especially for all the really good people. When you say "I felt I have hit shots that I know did not miss" you can't really say that unless you have recording proof. We tested a lot of situations for hours on end and hit every single shot with no issues. I feel as if you are indeed just missing the shot unless you can get me recording proof. Like I said though... increasing hitboxes would be too easy, even more so now that we buffed the nova. As far as weapon models go I have been looking into it. I might add them in the future but like doughboy said we already have a lot of good plugins and models and things that players need to download and we want to keep that to a minimum as possible. I might add them in the future though. I'm not that good at adding materials and models. I need to learn more about them because I always miss one step when it comes to adding them but if I figure out how to do it then I will probably add them. I can not promise that though. The fact that you say the hitreg is the same or worst is beyond me. The hit reg is literally 110% better and every good player can back that up or OGs that are coming back. Thank you for the suggestion however I'm gonna go ahead and decline this suggestion for now. I will look into making the hit reg even better though even though it's godly. Their might be one thing I can do to make it even better. We shall see. I will look into the hitboxes just so I can maybe increase it slightly but we will see.
  22. - Hitreg is the same or worst. + The amount of people can join the server - game crashes after map change
  23. Weapon models are something extra that new people have to download when they first join the server. We try to keep plugins down to a minimum so it doesn't take people forever to load into the server.
  24. Dino

    Welcome back to PC first of all and welcome to iGlobal. I have talked to you for some time and you have a great personality and you seem to be a really intelligent guy it was nice meeting you and I hope you, Krallei, and Mobbster do some good work together.
  25. I have to agree with Krallei here if there is a community for it then it is a +rep from me.
  26. First, I really do feel that the servers have improved greatly in all aspects. Hitreg is way improved, gameplay seems a lot smoother, more servers are now available, and there is a lot more people coming back and keep coming back. But despite all this improvement in my experience with other servers and how they work I have been on lots of different servers and increasing hitboxes would make a huge difference in my opinion the hitreg is already way improved but I have looked into some shots of mine I felt that should've hit and they I didn't miss. Now I know this would take some time to do and figure out the right sizes of hitboxes but I feel this would make it even better for iGlobal has a whole community. Secondly, weapon models. Now this topic is new to most communities from my experience I don't see many servers with weapon models. (ex. Alliance) This would spice things up I feel in the servers and allow for even more customization. This is a smaller addition but I feel it would still be pretty cool to have and yes I know there is !ws but this is models and can change all aspects of the weapon. Please leave your opinion below it would be greatly appreciated.
  27. Your application has been Denied You have only been on the server for 2 times and I strongly feel that you should put more hours into the server before you apply to become admin on our servers Other then that, I think you have good qualities of an admin and would like to see you on our iGlobalnation discord more often to get to know you Our discord: https://discord.gg/csw3g6 You may reapply in 2 weeks
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