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  1. -rep no server activity, that needs fixing. neutral have been on discord talking with people, but you argue a lot. Those are the times I have been in a channel with you. -rep I don’t know how you on a personal level, but i feel as if you can not help our staff at this time. OVERALL -REP You need to fix not being active, we would like to hear from you and enjoy the iGlobalNation servers with you. As of now, I do not feel like you would be able to assist us. I would love to change my -reps to +reps. You also need to work on not arguing with admins, that is a MAJOR thing you need to deal with. Many times admins are not able to do everything at once or are busy, give them time. They are what makes up iGlobalNation. I feel like you could possibly become admin if increase activity, talk in discord more, and stop being toxic. Also, you need to quit badgering admins about your admin application say that 35 people have viewed it. We are trying our best to decide what to do, you need to have patience and respect us, we all have lives. Also, by the way you type and put your sentences, it does not look professional and It catches our eye when we see a very good admin application. Please change everything and I hope all is well! Have a great day, Vybe.
  2. -REP You need to increase your discord activity, we never see you talking with us, improve that! +REP You have been active on the server, keep it up. NEUTRAL You do not talk in the server, but you do type and interact with people very well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall +rep I like how you are able to interact with people even though you don't have a mic, but that is no excuse for you not to use a microphone. I know that you have the ability to so it, you just aren't. Also, if I do not hear you talk in the server and interact with people I will be changing my answer to a -REP. Talk!! It's fun and we would love to hear your voice!
  3. -rep Have not seen you on discord, if you are however, get active in the channels and talk with us! We would love to hear from you. -rep I have never heard you talk so based off of that I can’t tel whether or not you are toxic or overall a great person! -rep I’m not able to check your server hours and activity, please change your steam ID and I’ll check into that! —————————————————————— OVERALL -rep Please change your Steam ID to your current account so I can change my decision! Also, I have seen you on the server, but I have not heard you talk to anyone, try doing that and I would love to change that. Chat with us in discord, it’s really fun and an exciting experience to be with us! Have a great day!
  4. -rep You need to improve your hours on the server, and you are fairly new. -rep We would like to hear you be vocal and be active with everybody, haven't heard a word from you. -rep I never see you talking on discord or interacting with anybody, needs improving. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall -rep You need to improve a lot of things, I hope I can switch this when I see changes!
  5. Wunkie

    Nice having ya Potato! It was fun playing minecraft with you, haha! Fun times. I hope that you enjoy whatever your doing now and hop back on once in a while! You will be missed!
  6. Wunkie

    Hello, my name is Wunkie or Steven, I feel like I never properly introduced myself, I’m 14 years old and I live in Michigan. I strive to make everybody’s day better and continue to do what’s right in any way possible. I played Varsity Baseball as a 8th Grader and I’ve got 4 more years to go (currently a freshman.) One of the things I love trying to do is make new friends and try to get admin to show people that you can have fun and do what’s right all the time. For baseball, I am a pitcher/catcher, I throw 85mph and I am starting to get noticed by colleges. I hope that I can continue my journey with you guys for as long as it will go. Over the past few days I’ve talked to many people and it has been a very pleasing experience and that’s another thing that I love. I hope you all have a great day and continue doing what your doing! I love you all!
  7. Hello guys, I hope you all are having a great day. I was just thinking about using our emblem as a buy option on the Classic Awp Server. It could be a custom paint you could buy for 1K credits in the shop with our logo. I don’t know, I thought that it would be cool if we would be able to put that on the AWP as a choice to show we support iGlobalNation. Thank you all for reading. Have a fantastic day!
  8. Wunkie

    Hello Global Nation, I am Wunkie. I currently bought a $10.00 Premium Admin and I am wondering when that will be put on my account or if I have to do anything? Get back with me as soon as you can. Thank you. Have a great day!
  9. Steam or Discord Name Wunkie Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/wunkieisdifferent/ Steam ID STEAM_0:0:434218151 First Name Steven Today's Date 10/17/19 Timezone Eastern Your display name you got banned under Wunkie Admin that banned you JAGER Server you were banned on [CSGO] Classic AWP Only Reason you were banned No reason given, but possibly racism. Reason you should be unbanned I feel as if my ban was not legitimate. I was banned for laughing and joking around with people about typing in the N-word in chat. I was not going to do it. All I did was type in the letter "N" as a joke. Others were jumping in and spelling the rest of it out. Yes, that was on me and I sincerely feel bad for even doing that and racism is not a joke so I feel really bad right now and would like for this situation to get solved. Also, Jager did not do his job and another player was yelling the N-word while he was online on the server. He did nothing about it and said I couldn't hear him when you could blatantly hear him. I feel as if I should have gotten the treatment of a 30 min or 60 min mute from typing, not being permanetly banned. I'm sorry I do not have proof because I was not able to screenshot or record in time. Thank you for your time reading this, have a great day. Proof
  10. Steam Profile Wunkie Steam profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/wunkieisdifferent/ Steam ID STEAM_0:0:434218151 First Name Steven Age 14 Timezone Eastern Location United States, Michigan Today's Date 10/17/19 Server you are applying for [CSGO] Classic AWP Only Are you banned on any of our servers Yes Any previous VAC bans No How many hours a day can you dedicate to the server you are applying for 3 What made you want to apply for admin I was an admin with a popular group called EdgeGamers. I would like to pursue my career as an admin and bring the fun and joy into the Global Nation servers. I left the eGO servers to come and try out a new community and be the best of the best. What differs you from other applicants I am one to having fun and have people have an enjoyable experience and not just be an "admin," but be a gamer and get laughs and jokes with people. In your opinion what are qualities of a valuable Admin Qualities of a valuable admin are: you need to show self respect and respect for others, know when to use your abilities, have friendly conversations with people, and most importantly build friendships. Tell us a brief background about yourself I am a 14 year old 9th Grader from Michigan. I play 2 sports, Basketball and Baseball. I am playing Varsity Baseball and Basketball as a 9th Grader and have great Leadership skills. I can pursue to do great things for the community and the servers we provide. Were you referred to apply by a staff member No What staff member referred you N/A Do you have a microphone Yes Discord username Snazzied#2965 Do you meet the Admin requirements Yes