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  1. Your application has been declined. Someone has sent me a video of you talking smack on the staff team and on me in general. Not something a staff member should do.
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    Almost brand new Finalmouse Ninja AIr58 Cherry Blossom. Only 58 grams. Super lightweight and super comfy.
  3. Your application is pending. A head staff will contact you in discord for an interview asap! @Manager @Head Admin
  4. It seems as if you are both in the wrong here. @NoahAielloyou were coping zedd which gets really annoying after a while. @Zeddclaims you did that after he had already asked you to stop being toxic. You should have been muted for being annoying and copying him after he asked you to stop. This is a bad rep for you since you are wanting to be a staff member yourself. Annoying another staff member does not help you out any. @ZeddYou are staff. All staff is expected to handle situations in a very mature manner no matter how bad a person pisses you off. You are held at a very high standard as a staff member. You should never be disrespecting a player in front of other players period that is bad rep on the staff team. Always handle things in a calm professional manner. You are staff and I expect you to act like one in a professional manner. I expect both of you to act in a more professional manner. You have both been a staff and @Zeddyou still are a staff. Act like it. Both of you. End of discussion.
  5. Your application is pending. A head staff will contact you in discord for an interview asap! @Doughboy@Brykxy@Peetee@WoLf
  6. There are not enough votes on this to spend the time to make the server. Get more people that want it and I will proudly make it. Thanks for the suggestion! Declined.
  7. As far as making the hitboxes bigger I'm not even sure how to go about that. I also feel that would make it too easy. The hit reg is already incredible and I feel like increasing the hitbox would just make it to easy especially for all the really good people. When you say "I felt I have hit shots that I know did not miss" you can't really say that unless you have recording proof. We tested a lot of situations for hours on end and hit every single shot with no issues. I feel as if you are indeed just missing the shot unless you can get me recording proof. Like I said though... increasing hitboxes would be too easy, even more so now that we buffed the nova. As far as weapon models go I have been looking into it. I might add them in the future but like doughboy said we already have a lot of good plugins and models and things that players need to download and we want to keep that to a minimum as possible. I might add them in the future though. I'm not that good at adding materials and models. I need to learn more about them because I always miss one step when it comes to adding them but if I figure out how to do it then I will probably add them. I can not promise that though. The fact that you say the hitreg is the same or worst is beyond me. The hit reg is literally 110% better and every good player can back that up or OGs that are coming back. Thank you for the suggestion however I'm gonna go ahead and decline this suggestion for now. I will look into making the hit reg even better though even though it's godly. Their might be one thing I can do to make it even better. We shall see. I will look into the hitboxes just so I can maybe increase it slightly but we will see.
  8. Your application has been accepted. A Head Staff will contact you on discord asap for an orientation. @Doughboy@Brykxy @WoLf @Peetee
  9. Your application has been declined. You never contacted a Head Staff on discord.
  10. Interview passed. Your admin has been granted.
  11. Approved. You have been unbanned.
  12. Declined. You never got a hold of us for an interview.
  13. Krallei

    yeet Ban Appeal

    First of all. Ivank is a senior admin. He has been around for a very very long time. He knows a lot more then you do about how the rules and stuff work. Don't try to tell him "He shouldn't ban for toxicity." When things are taking to extreme measures after a staff member asked you to stop then that is your fault. You're only banned for 1 day. Just wait it out. Declined.
  14. You're unbanned just because of the fact that negevs were supposed to be banned but they weren't.
  15. I feel the same way. I don't mind making the server as long as their is a community for it.

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