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  1. I appreciate you man! Exactly what I mean, having that extra feature and having that for the recording ultimately makes evidence so much more evident. You will always hear the "I shot at him a few times and it hit" or "It was just a random shot" Not with this feature, we will always know now that you traced him through the wall we could not see through before.
  2. Thank you man!! I have thought about that too. I'm all for getting "/admins" and "!admins" removed tbh
  3. RHD

    Anti Cheat

    I'm not a prime player. Maybe we can make an exception for admins, but I don't think denying new players will be a good thing. Many don't have prime like myself and aren't hacking. Having the Anti-Cheat like you said may help, but how will it work? Do we have to make it? Also, how much will it cost? Pretty sure @Kralleihas thought about this and has his reasons. Great suggestion though bro!
  4. I understand where you are coming from Having a plug-in that can detect someone auto-strafing or spinbotting would be great, but I'm pretty sure they have thought about it. We'll see what others say on your suggestion post.
  5. I appreciate you brother! Will make sure to keep it white text with a black background from now on. For organization purposes, I might be coloring the first letter of each section, like @KamiSetsuei, to lessen the stress on sensitive eyes Hope this helps homie!
  6. Bug Location Website What is the bug? Chat on the right side of our website Explain the bug. A week ago or so, the chat on the right side of the website was no longer there so i figured you guys just removed it. I had no idea why that was so instead i just brushed it off because it didnt really hinder the performance of anything. Unless you want to take into count that i always say good morning and goodnight everyday. Anyways, i am not on my school computer and I searched up iglobalnation.com to sign in and post on the forums. When i went to the website i could finally see the chat! I was so excited to type, but after i logged in it went away again and I am now writing out this bug report. Possible Fixes When i thought about solutions and ways to fix it, i know now that it was not my computer that was having problems. Also, the problem begins when i log into the website so the website holds up great. The chat works because I saw people saying stuff yesterday. the problem begins from the transition of not being logged in and logging in. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew. If it helps, I saw a member typing in the chat so he could obviously use it. Maybe it doesn't work for admins? Thank you!
  7. PROBLEM Whenever I watch a player that I believe is walling, it is very hard to see if they are aiming at someone behind a wall because we obviously cant see them because we don't have wall-hacks. EXAMPLE If a player aims at the head of an enemy through a wall and tracing him, but decides not to shoot and move on because it would be too obvious. We as Admins would have never been able to caught him because we couldn't see. This is very difficult to find those players that try to play legit with walls. SOLUTION There is a Plug-in called "ESP/WH for Admins (aka Cheater Buster Tools)" where you are able to use the ESP ONLY when the Admin is Dead or Spectating. There is a total remake of this Plug-in though called "Advanced Admin ESP" with fewer bugs and more features, but i don't agree with some of them. There are features to give others, including non admins, ESP. Which I 100% disagree with. There is no reason to give any other player ESP and I believe people will find out about this plug-in and beg admins to give it to them and also, I feel as if some admins will actually give it to players for "fun". So, I recommend the old plug-in. Thanks for Reading!! Would Love To See Your Opinions!!
  8. RHD


    Welcome to the iGlobalNation Forums!!
  9. RHD

    Bye Guys

    NOOOO :(( I'm hella late, but hope to see you on soon brother! Good luck in your future en devours.
  10. That is very true, people camping will have to be in mind if this ever comes to be. With our Anti-Camp feature, I think it will be really smooth though.
  11. He wants a Combat Surf Server that when you get killed, you instantly re-spawn. In our Combat Surf, when you die you must wait for everyone to die on a team to start another round.
  12. Since I can't edit after a certain time I will be adding some sections to my Post down below. Reasons Why I'm Giving You a Neutral Rep: 3. Lack of Admin Recommendations: This is very important to your reputation as well, having an Admin on the team recommend you shows that you have personal experience with the team and will make you pop out more than other applicants. Not having one makes you look like everyone else that just applies because they have 15 posts. My Advice: 2. Ask Admins If They Would Like To Recommend You: Like stated above, having that admin recommendation is very important so after talking with some staff members it doesn't hurt to ask if they would like to recommend you.
  13. Neutral Reasons Why I'm Giving You a Neutral Rep: 1. Inactivity In The Community: I have seen you a few times on the forums, but I don't think I have ever had a talk with you on the Discord or our Servers.(I'm assuming it's because the time zone difference and I don't play on the ski 2 server much?) 2. Lack Of Quality Content: I am also giving you a neutral for the lack of quality content on the when you do post. I see that most of your posts are replies to topics like: "House or Apartment" "iPhone or Samsung" "YouTube or Twitch" I would like to see more ideas come out of you that will help the community then reply to topics like those. My Advice: 1. Increase Your Quality Posts: I saw you mention that you wanted to apply for Admin because people are mic spamming or being racist. You could always record and post it in the Staff/Player Complaints Forum Thread so that we can take care of that person accordingly. (This will help you build up reputation since you are taking your time to get rid of rule breakers in the community.) Also, you can stop by our Suggestion Forum Thread and put your opinions on things that actually might help the community instead of saying what smart phone you like better. (Maybe even put a suggestion on what you think will help the community in any way possible.) Thank you so much for your interest in applying for admin and I hope to see many others replying! Good Luck Brother!!
  14. Good afternoon @Fatzalcat I would like to get some things straight. No one dislikes you or hates you because you are a young person. You are 9. Who cares. Hok is 12, which is also young, and he is more mature than literal adults in the community. It's all about how you portray yourself in the community. Using your age as your main argument for people not liking you or being rude does not make any sense. People could care less about age, buttt People did realize that you promoted TW and you also were arguing that you didn't get promoted. Things take time and you will have to continue to flourish the community to achieve a promotion. Everything will not be handed to you and you must earn all rewards. I'm sad to see you leave and I hope can see you come back from this.
  15. RHD

    Issa me

    Welcome to iGlobalNation!! Glad to you that you are enjoying the servers, you seem very chill and would love to see you in the servers or even discord soon! Have a great day!

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