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  1. Your application has been Denied You are fairly new to our servers with very low hours and being AFK for most of the game I recommend you play on the server and actively participate on our server and discord Also put some more effort into your application, A well written application goes a long way... Link to our discord : https://discord.gg/dQk3Ev You may reapply in 1 week
  2. I got coal cause I was a naughty boy
  3. Your admin application has been LOOKED OVER and will begin START the interview process Contact @Brykxy, @Doughboy @Mr.Peetee or myself on the iGlobal Nation discord to begin your interview Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/bm2r3p7
  4. Denied Looking at your server activity with the account you provided and there is no server activity under that account... You could provide your "main" account steamID/profile and I could check if you really had played on the server... But good try
  5. Your admin application has been LOOKED OVER and will START the interview process Contact @Brykxy, @Doughboy, @Mr.Peetee or myself to begin your interview process
  6. +rep to remove the colors completely or chose a different color scheme... I would just prefer to have no color on the models...
  7. WoLf

    Safe travels young adventurer! You are always welcome back to our servers any time!
  8. Denied Your Server Activity shows very low activity. You mostly only play for less then 40mins a day, which isnt what you said on your application You aren't activity communicating iGlobal nation Discord server which is recommended that all admins do Overall, You need to improve your server and discord activity You may reapply in 1 week
  9. Denied Your Server Activity is really lacking and doesnt meet our requirement You are not in our iGlobal nation Discord server which is recommended to all admins Overall, you need Improve your server activity and join our discord Discord server : https://discordapp.com/invite/bm2r3p7 You may reapply in 1 week
  10. You werent ban for hacking... This guy named noah's son.... This is why I asked you and your friends to submit ban appeal to get this sorted out since you all A "noah" Instead of bugging me, auguring, and causing a bigger issue You are ban For 1 day for being toxic and rude to the players on the server, and I have video if you would like to see... But I am sure you know what you did..
  11. @DuoLingo BirdYou arent making the situation any better... Like i said, you obvious were there for the countless of times Pizza was let off the chain... He should have known better He has been warned and knows that
  12. We use it to tell people not what to say, you use it for fun and games... there is a difference...
  13. So you understand that you shouldnt be saying any of that... Like you understand how you are talking to but yet you still decide to say "n-word" Even if you didnt say the actual word, it is still as bad as if you did... For example, If someone on the server said " you are a n-word" that is just as bad as saying "you are a n*****" Playing around or not, You should know better and with the amount of chance you have been given you should have been really caution with what you say on the servers... So many chances