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  1. Your admin app is Pending please contact the @Head Staff role for an Interview. Best of luck
  2. Mr.Peetee

    Actually sounds hella fun i +rep it
  3. i got mercy in my bed and a little bit of wolf
  4. Just a random pop up idea, I think it would be cool to do a small reward system nothing to big just for the top 1-5 players getting like 5k for 1st and 1k for 5th just do add a little competitiveness to the servers, i feel like this would be fun and would make more people try and push for the top rankings.
  5. Mr.Peetee

    Wassup glad to have you Join the discord and if you need help dont hesitate to ask, https://discord.gg/HwWxrJ
  6. Mr.Peetee

    GGs man, have a good one
  7. Your admin application has been Denied on 11/15/19 5pm East Reasons- You have only been in the server 4 times in total you need to be in the server for a few weeks Reasons- Your not in discord often, you need to join the iglobal discord server https://discord.gg/PJ4jK3 and be active Suggestions- You need to take some time to play the server and be active in discord you need at least 8 hours of server time and be in discord just as much Suggestions- Reapply You seem like you would be an amazing fit for the admin team, and we would love to accept you once your ready. You may reapply in 2 weeks on November 29. Have a great rest of your day and good luck, Do not let this discourage you, you seem like an amazing guy and would fit the team well. Good luck
  8. Your application has been denied on 11/9/19 Reasons Your server activity is not the best you have about 5.45 hours in the past week and only 11 sessions in total Reasons You are fairly rude and immature your attitude toward other people and players needs to change. Suggestions and comments - I know you have good experience in iglobal and know the community well but you need to give it some time and actually show that you are dedicated and willing to do what it takes to be admin. Seem like a cool guy who knows what he is talking about but you just need to take some time and start playing in the server more often and getting in discord more often Suggestions and comments Treat other players with respect i know some times upper staff members make rude comments and jokes but its different then a player doing it consistently and always having an attitude. Seem like a good guy with good experience and we would love having you on the staff so please consider this and reapply when ready. You may reapply in 2 weeks/ Saturday November 23
  9. Ok so i was the one to ban you, the head staff is currently discussing the issue and well get back to you asap. I didnt ban you just because the wallbang it was alot of stuff that added up to you being banned. (Dont take offence to this), i had people dm me to spectate you in the first place, and the person who dmed me is a fairly smart player who is familiar with the game so i did as he asked, everything he said was correct your movement was very sloppy and slow, almost as if watching a brand new player using a controller (no offence ) but yet you preaimed every person randomly and wallbanged alot, but you did not wallbang the spot when nobody was there, you are saying its a common spot to preaim and wallbang but you never went for it or preaimed that spot if a person was not sitting there, So that and you preaiming just about everyone combined with the movement that looked like someone who has never even played lead me to think you were cheating. and i was not the only to think that. once i banned you like 3-4 other people said thank you i knew he was cheating. No offence but you say that it was just game sense to you but game sense also ties into movement and most of the stuff you were doing was not "game sense based" and your movement did not add up to having high level game sense . This being said your friend when i banned you said you were not hacking and then one of the staff members says he sees you often and that you seemed legit. Your ban appeal does look good and i think this should be looked into. Personally even through all of this i feel like giving you another shot. Best of luck.
  10. Your application has been denied at 4:15pm on Tuesday 10.29.19 Reasons= You need to be in the discord and active before you apply https://discord.gg/K8jvVk Reasons= You have not been on the server you applied for in almost a week. You can wait 2 weeks and reapply for admin on Tuesday, 11.12.19 Make sure you are active in discord before hand next time you apply. Good luck and have a wonderful day.
  11. Mr.Peetee

    Thanks for helping the staff out for the past month, Good luck.
  12. Your application has been Accepted on 10/21/2019 at 10:23 pm. @Krallei, @Mobbster, @Brykxy or @Doughboy will contact you tomorrow (10/22/19 Tuesday 6PM EST/ 3PM PST to go through your admin orientation. If this time isn't suitable for you, please contact us before then to reschedule.
  13. Your application has been Accepted on 10/16/2019 at 5:07 pm. @Krallei, @Mobbster, @Brykxy or @Doughboy will contact you tomorrow (10/17/19 Thursday) around 6PM EST/ 3PM PST to go through your admin orientation. If this time isn't suitable for you, please contact us before then to reschedule.
  14. Mr.Peetee

    A strong soldier has fallen.